Course Selection

Master of English Language Teaching (ELT)


1.     Students enrolled in the first semester of their study program are given pre-selected courses; all other students may select their own courses subject to their scheme of studies and the limitations prescribed in the rules below.

2.     The credit hour limits are as below:

a)     For the first and second semesters a maximum of 18 credit hours are allowed

b)    For the third and subsequent semester(s) a maximum of 18 credit hours are allowed. However, in certain cases, the University may allow to enroll maximum 21 credit hours only if student’s CGPA is ≥ 3.00 out of 4.

c)     For Final semester, maximum 21 credit hours of coursework are allowed in addition to Thesis, as applicable, subject to the condition that all degree requirements will be completed within the same semester without violating/compromising any course selection rules.


Note: Maximum limits prescribed for enrollment of credit hours includes ‘F’ or ‘D’ grade courses, if any enrolled.


3.     Students taking less than the course load prescribed by their scheme of studies will require extra semesters to complete the curriculum; in such cases, they will also have to bear the additional cost.

4.     According to University’s grade improvement policy, in any of the subsequent semesters, a student may repeat once those course(s) of the previous semester(s) in which he/she had secured the lowest grade i.e. ‘D’ only, before completion of entire course work program and mark pass out. Any improved grade will substitute ‘F’ and ‘D’ grade of the previous semester for calculating CGPA.


Rules For Teaching Practice:

1.     Students are required to complete Teaching Practice of 3 credit hours during MA ELT program for successful completion of the degree. In order to get enrolled, students must have:

·         achieved a CGPA of 2 or higher.

·         earned 48 or more credit hours.

Rules for Thesis:

1.     In order to enroll for a Thesis, students must have:

·         achieved a CGPA of 2.5 or higher.

·         earned 48 or more credit hours.

·         passed the course ENG518 Research Methodology. 

 Note: Evaluation of the course ‘Thesis’ will be graded.


In order to select your courses, follow the steps below:

  1. From within the LMS, click the Student Services button
  2. Click on the Course Selection link
  3. Give preference to ‘F’ grade course(s) and the improvement of ‘D’ grades from the second semester onwards
  4. Click the check boxes to select courses
  5. Save the selection
  6. You may make changes in course selection any number of times before the last date to add, drop or replace course(s).

(Note: You may consult your scheme of studies under the Student Services section in your LMS account, in case of any confusion).