Campus Career Portal

VU has a Career Development Office for the placement of its graduates. This is done through the campus career portal which is powered by Rozee.pk under a National ICT R&D Fund, initiative of the Ministry of Information Technology. Access it by clicking on the Campus Career Portal link on VU homepage under “Quick Links”.

On-line Bookshop

You may place orders for lecture handouts & DVDs through the Bookshop link on the VU homepage.

Virtual Campuses

The university has established campuses across the length and breadth of Pakistan to facilitate its students. The complete list of campuses can be accessed from the VU homepage.

Broadcast Lecture Schedule

VU broadcasts video lectures through its four TV channels (VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, and VTV4). To help manage your time and streamline learning activities, the lecture schedule is provided to you through the “Lecture Schedule” button in the LMS.

DSL Broadband Internet Connectivity

DSL Broadband Internet Connectivity is available at subsidised rates to VU students.

VU Email

VU provides students with their own individual email accounts for which the required username and password are provided by the University in the admission letter. VU email (powered by Google) can be accessed at http://gmail.vu.edu.pk/

Campus-based/home-based Study Option

Students have the option to study at a campus or from home.

VU-CPL (Computer Proficiency License)

Basic Computer and Internet skills are the need of the day and are especially crucial for pursuing any course of study at VU effectively. The Virtual University has developed a complete set of interactive modules for this purpose, collectively known as VU-CPL. These audio/video modules, which are based on a self-learning paradigm, do not require a teacher for acquiring these skills. VU-CPL is available as a two DVD set from the VU Bookshop.


From time to time various scholarships are provided to VU students. Keep visiting/checking the Scholarships link on the VU homepage.

Cable Operators

A list of cable operators, who carry some or all of the VU TV channels, is available from the VU homepage.